Saturday, July 03, 2004

Wealth and Democracy, by Kevin Phillips

You'd never know that Kevin Phillips voted twice for Ronald Reagan, and was a Republican Party strategist. His book Wealth and Democracy reads more like a Noam Chomsky anti-globalisation diatribe.

I read this book after reading his fantastic American Dynasty, which covered four generations of the Bush family.

Wealth and Democracy is just as good. The book basically outlines how money concentrates at the top, and how governement, when captured by rich special interest and lobby groups, helps to push the money upwards.

Despite what many right wing thinkers tell us, that Markets and Democracy go together, the author states the opposite. He tells us that markets have their origin in Medieval fairs.

'Market theology and unelected leadershiphave been displacing politics and elections. Either democracy must be renewed, with politics brought back to life, or wealth is likely to cement a new and less democratic regime - plutocracy by some other name.'

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