Friday, August 27, 2004

Henry Ford and the Jews, by Neil Baldwin

Henry Ford's such a twit, you have to conclude that his success was a complete fluke. He was still a loser in his late thirties, and didn't hit upon the winning formula of factory line cars produced cheaply until his early forties. He then made a shit load of money, became very powerful, became bored, and turned to anti-semitism.

Henry Ford even looks like a freak - he reminds me of Dr Smith out of Lost in Space.

To assauge his bordem he set up the Dearborn Independent, and quickly turned it into an organ of anti-semitic bile. He collected the anti-semitic articles into a series of books.

Hitler was a huge fan and awarded him a medal. Regrettably, Ford's anti-semitic output was used as inspirational material for the Nazis.

As I said, Henry Ford comes across as a big loser. Didn't he have anything more constructive to do with his time? That's why I say his success was a one off fluke - otherwise he is an entirely unimpressive character.

After reading another book on anti-semitism you have to conclude it's a very childlike prejudice (I learnt that prejudice actually means premature judgement). These fanatics seem like children who believe in the bogey man. And they do believe.

Best book on this subject is Hitler's Willing Executioners. I forget the author's name, but I found it unputdownable (is that a real word?).

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