Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Israel Question, by Antony Loewenstein

My Israel Question had controversy swirling around it before the book was even published, which must be now guaranteeing good sales.

I know diddly squat about the Israel / Palestine conflict. To the lay reader it can be all quite overwhelming, there is so much furious arguing over who said what, to whom, how much they distorted the 'facts' etc. etc.

I expected this to be a kind of 'hard left' view of the conflict, but Loewenstein didn't write with any kind of hyperbole, as far as I could see. His main aim is to show how well organised and aggressive the 'Zionist lobby' is, especially in Australia, and how they do their best to close down debate.

I'm sure this book will be pored over and debated hotly by the various stakeholders in the debate. Antony has another book coming out next year about the media.

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