Sunday, November 05, 2006

Get Happy, by Gerald Clarke

The wildest ride at Disneyland couldn’t equal the life of Judy Garland, a woman who seemed to live life as one big mess. Husbands stole from her and she knew it, but would confess to friends ‘I know, but I love the guy’. Strangest of all, three generations of women in her family married gay men. Her mother and her daughter both had gay husbands. How weird is that?

I’m not much up with the Judy Garland story, but this biography by Gerald Clarke, who wrote the brilliant Capote biography, didn’t impress me as much. It seemed on the tabloidy side, discussing Judy’s sex life in way too much detail. It would have been nicer if the book had concentrated a bit more on her career.

This is a readable and enjoyable enough biography, but I came away with a bit of an empty feeling.

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