Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Centre Of The Bed, by Joan Bakewell

Being Australian, I’ve never really known much about Joan Bakewell, but I saw her recently on the Parkinson show, and something prompted me to get out her autobiography.

To my surprise, I found her book a really, really enjoyable and absorbing read, and in many ways quite inspirational. How envious when you read about people who kind of just walk into these great careers.

Joan landed a job early on with the BBC corporation, which in time lead onto her becoming a broadcaster and television journalist. The most exciting period for me was when she was working on Late Night Line Up, a BBC 2 chat show. Due to the free wheeling nature of the show and the times, they had all manner of interesting people on, and could pretty well keep each episode going for as long as they found necessary!

For example, if an interview, or a subject being discussed, was really cracking along, the show could just keep going, with no great time constraints.

Joan Bakewell writes with intelligence and insight on a number of subjects – from politics and the arts to her complicated emotional life. A jolly good read

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