Saturday, March 29, 2008

Making Globalisation Work, by Joseph Stiglitz

I guess you could call this part three of Stiglitz’s trilogy trying to highlight the problems of globalisation and the over zealous nature of the free marketeers who push this ideology.

Stiglitz, however, is no radical leftie. He’s probably what I’d call a traditional democrat interested in the ways government can regulate markets so they more effectively serve people, rather than disrupting their lives (as so often now happens).

To my mind Stiglitz comes across as a level headed thinker who relies more on his own intuitive common sense than on fashionable economic ideas and policy prescriptions.

Stiglitz is also an American with a compassionate attitude to the rest of the world. He tries to walk in the shoes of non-Americans, and looks genuine solutions that will help them, rather than America.

I wish there were more Joseph Stiglitzs in positions of power and influence. He’s compassionate, moderate, common-sensical (I think that’s a made-up word as my Word program is not recognising it) and committed to making the world a more equitable place.

For students of global economics, free markets and government policy in these areas, you should read Making Globalisation Work.

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