Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memo For A Saner World, by Senator Bob Brown

I can’t really write a balanced review of this book by Bob Brown, as I’ve supported the Greens now for over a decade, at the polls and in other ways.

Let’s put the politics aside, and agree that at least Bob Brown stands for what he believes in, not for what he thinks will get him into power. Look at what other political leaders do. They tie themselves up in knots trying to get the broadest possible appeal, and hence the most votes.

Bob Brown on the other hand is free to say what he thinks. I recall one speech Brown gave to his fellow Greenies where he finished by saying, ‘we’re free, we’re free’, by which he meant the Greens didn’t have the same constraints as the major political parties.

Memo for a saner world covers Bob’s political campaigns, controversies and beliefs. Everything from the Franklin blockade of the eighties right up to the controversial lock down of the Australian Parliament for George W. Bush’s visit.

It was interesting to read of Bob Brown and Kerry Nettle’s preparations for their interjection to Bush’s speech, and how nervous Brown confessed himself to be.

Brown writes in a nice, lucid prose that is straight and direct. There’s no incomprehensible political contortions, just calm putting across of one’s views. Truly, he writes very well.

If you’re interested in Bob Brown’s politics, and what he’s about more generally, I heartily recommend this book.

Myself, I found it to be a highly enjoyable read.

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